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2 New SharePoint Awesomeness Training Sessions - Disruption & Governance

This post has been a long time coming, I've had on my mind for the last 12 months that I want to bring my thinking and approaches out into the open in a more formal manner and run some 'training' courses in the key areas that I consult in. 

I'll have some news in the next month or so about a Requirements Facilitation course I'm planning, but for now I want to formally announce the birth of two new courses:

  • Disruptive SharePoint Approaches - 1 Day
  • Disruptive SharePoint Governance for the Masses - 2 days

The titles are subject to change, but hopefully allude with sufficient clarity what the sessions are focused on.

Disruptive SharePoint Approaches (1 Day)


Of all the training courses in the world and especially the plethora of SharePoint related ones, why would you choose one of these and join your peers as we explore disruptive approaches to delivering SharePoint?

Well, over the course of my working life I have been exposed to countless technology projects from mainframe, client-server, web and now our new world of social, collaboration, SharePoint and Yammer.

The common trait across all these projects was that for the most part they failed to deliver true business value! 3 weeks, 3 months, a year after delivery if you asked the end users if they got value from the platform, the majority would either say no or what platform?

This is not a good place to be in!

I don't want you, your business or your customers to be in this position ever again, justifying why things went wrong...again, forever fire fighting on a platform no-one really uses, all of these are really bad uses of your undeniable awesomeness.

Let's change this SharePoint status quo forever.

This 1 day collaborative training course will take you through four main areas of SharePoint delivery that, in my experience, need to be seriously disrupted in your typical SharePoint project in order to ensure we deliver appropriate and sustainable measurable business value.


This intensive, collaborative and fun one day course will cover the following four areas:

  1. Why are we doing SharePoint? (Strategy and Vision)
  2. What value do we need to deliver? (Requirements Facilitation)
  3. What do we need Governance for? (The Seven Waves of SharePoint Governance)
  4. How do we deliver sustainable business value from SharePoint? (Change Management and User Adoption)

By the end of the day you will have:

  • Clear perspective about how bad SharePoint projects really are
  • Insights into which areas of your SharePoint life need disrupting
  • Experience of tools and techniques that you can use straight away to change your SharePoint projects status quo
  • Built valuable and empowering business relationships with your peers who have a shared understanding and shared commitment to changing the SharePoint world for the better.


Disruptive SharePoint Governance for the Masses (2 Day)


One reason for this course is quite simply that I wrote a book, 'The SharePoint Governance Manifesto' and I felt, while I was writing this, that it would make an awesome course. Being able to discuss my thinking, explore new scenarios and actually try some of the practical aspects (tools and techniques) of the book seemed a great idea and an opportunity not to be missed.

For the most part there is a huge and very divergent set of thinking around what Governance really is in the context of SharePoint and in a lot of cases it's skewed towards the creators biases i.e. The technology platform (Microsoft's guidance), Governance automation tools (The tool Microsoft Partners) as just a couple of examples. But what we truly need is a sustainable and holistic approach that covers every aspect of SharePoint that need governing.

There is an analogy that I use in the book that I think really encapsulates why you need this course and why the SharePoint community is in a lot of ways, wrong about governance. The analogy highlights that most financial institutions, banks in particular, have a significant amount of governance in place... and look what happened to the banks, a global financial crisis. Their Governance didn't save them, it was the wrong governance, it didn't plug all the holes, it wasn't holistic enough.

This 2 day collaborative training course will seek to open your eyes to a more appropriate, holistic and sustainable approach to delivering SharePoint Governance for your customers and in your organisation.


This intensive, collaborative and fun two day course will cover the following areas, based on the content of  'The SharePoint Governance Manifesto' (You'll get a free paperback and eBook version of the book if you attend):

Day One:

  • Why Governance, Why this course?
  • Context of SharePoint Governance today
  • Some Governance Home Truths
  • Does Governance come in different sizes?
  • Overview of the Seven Waves of SharePoint Governance
  • Wave 1 - Business Alignment
  • Wave 2 - IT Assurance
  • Wave 3 - Change Management and User Adoption

Day Two:

  • Recap
  • Wave 4 - Project Governance
  • Wave 5 - Kaizen
  • Wave 6 - Information Governance
  • Wave 7 - Social Business
  • Embedding Governance in your organisation
  • Governance tools and techniques
  • Wrap-up & Next Steps

Now What?

Good question!

Firstly don't worry if your next project isn't SharePoint... Maybe it's Yammer, or NewsGator or SAP or IBM Notes or Jive or CRM, there's plenty of value for you in these courses that can be used on any technology project!

I'm looking to schedule the first run of both courses during the first quarter of 2014.

The investment costs, dates and location of the training will be announced formally early at the start of 2014 and will be, to some extent dependent on the interest shown from you guys...

So please spread the word, tell your boss, peers and customers.

It would be a huge help to me for planning and timing etc. if you are interested in attending one or both sessions if you could let me know if your interested, which course(s), where works best for you, is your preference for a public course or do you have an interest in me coming into your organisation and running a private course?

I really welcome your thoughts on this.

Please let me know if you want to attend either of these 2 New SharePoint Awesomeness Training Sessions.

Let's disrupt SharePoint in 2014 and beyond!