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The Unknown Unknowns - The Intro!

So I am back writing again, after the success (well over 500 copies have been sold) of The SharePoint Governance Manifesto I've started writing my second book, "The Unknown Unknowns - A disruptive guide to fun requirements gathering".

The following is the first draft of the books Introduction.

Let me know what you think, your feedback is vital:


"What do you want?" the suited and booted consultant asked again, with a hint of annoyance creeping into his tone.

"We dont know..." muttered a few of the stakeholders nervously from behind the solid oak boardroom table.

The consultant sighed, it was a sigh he had emitted far too many times in his career.

He dimmed the boardroom lights with one of the plethora of gadgets laid out before him and with a deft flick of a switch the projector screen slid slowly and ominously down from the ceiling behind me. Despite the subdued lighting he could see clearly the fog of requirements despair engulfing the minds of the attendees; the attendees that had gathered here today to talk about the requirements for their new IT solution. The problem they were trying to solve was clear to everyone present, but that was where the clarity ended.

The consultants desktop appeared at the front of the room on the huge projector screen, it was in glorious Technicolor; several virtual machines could imperceptibly be heard whirring into life as the consultant started up his demo screen.

It was difficult for any of the attendees to really fathom what happened in the next hour; the consultant proceeded to show them exactly what they thought they wanted, but that we now know they really didn't need.

An hour later and they had bought it all, every last shiny feature that the consultant showed them transformed into a business requirement that their organisation would depend upon for its success…

Three months later pretty much all the features they had so desperately wanted lay unused within the desolate confines of their would-be perfect solution that no-one really wanted…

This scenario is played out every day in organisations of every size in every sector across the globe, led by expensive consultants or internal IT teams and across countless technologies…

…and it pisses me off, it’s got to stop!

Why the hell do we waste so much time and effort delivering technically brilliant crap [solutions] that no-one actually wants?


If you like what you've read so far then let me know by registering your interest on the "The Unknown Unknowns - A disruptive guide to fun requirements gathering". web page.


2 New SharePoint Awesomeness Training Sessions - Disruption & Governance

This post has been a long time coming, I've had on my mind for the last 12 months that I want to bring my thinking and approaches out into the open in a more formal manner and run some 'training' courses in the key areas that I consult in. 

I'll have some news in the next month or so about a Requirements Facilitation course I'm planning, but for now I want to formally announce the birth of two new courses:

  • Disruptive SharePoint Approaches - 1 Day
  • Disruptive SharePoint Governance for the Masses - 2 days

The titles are subject to change but hopefully allude with sufficient clarity what the sessions are focused on.

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