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Disrupting SharePoint Saturday UK 2013

Yay Smiley Face!

SharePoint Saturday 2013 is finally here, if you're sitting on the fence as to whether to spend a day of your hard earned weekend geeking out with your SharePoint peers then please let me encourage you to make that jump and book your train, put fuel in the car, grab a lift from someone, cycle (be careful the A5 is a bloody busy road) or whatever.

Just be there! 

This one will be my 4th and it's never been a disappointing experience.

There will be over 300 people attending from a range of organisations and background and experience levels.

Seriously you will learn stuff, you will have fun, you will make business and social connections. It;s definitely Business Value++

Keynote this year is one not to miss, Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP and AvePoint VP of Global Product Innovation, will share his vision on the next generation of social collaboration in the enterprise as well as best practices for encouraging participation and driving adoption.

After that the worlds your oyster with sessions all day over 7 tracks:

  • Developer
  • IT Pro
  •  Business
  • BI
  • End User
  • Real World Case Studies
  • Cloud

On top of this there will be the vendor stands, SharePint and the awesome Raffle/Giveaways

So why else should you come?

Well there's 2 (or maybe 3) reasons that I personally think you should join me in Hinckley! 

The low-tech social network

The first is that I'll be running an event-wide version of 'The low-tech social network' . That's right we will be using this Gamestorming technique to create our own analogue, low-tech/no-tech social network on a LARGE wall somewhere at the venue! There will be a social network card in your delegate bag, add your name, doodle your avatar and list out some 'tags' that are appropriate for you... Mine will probably include Sailing, SharePoint, SPGovManifesto, Beer, Rugby(The Town)....

We will all be adding the cards to the social network and drawing existing and new connections based on our tags! 

Last year it proved to be very successful for those that tried it, a great way to find new people with similar interests, find that SharePoint resource you need for your project or even find your next partner! I'll be around on-and-off all day helping people connect and watching the beauty of our SharePoint Saturday UK 2013 Social Network reveal itself! 

Gamestorming your way to awesome requirements! 

My speaking session, currently planned for 10:45am on the Business track, will be a fast-paced visual feast of insights and new techniques.

We will discuss the challenges of traditional techniques, the recent innovations in this area and the clear benefits to you, the project and your organisation through changing the way you gather requirements.

This session is guaranteed to save your organisation time and money and deliver requirements that the business actually needs!

Please join me, there will be sketching, conversation,  fun and lots to learn.

The SharePoint Governance Manifesto

So I was meant to selling copies of my book and doing a book signing. That was the plan and 20 copies were ordered last month... Amazon CreateSpace have at the time of writing, failed to deliver and in fact don't know where the books are.

I have one copy left at home that I plan to bring give away in the raffle, so if you want a copy of the book then it looks like I'll have to take orders (SPSUK discount price of £10) and ship them to you when they eventually arrive, signed of course :-)

Just grab me on the day and hopefully we can arrange something... sorry :-( 


So as the Speakers Dinner draws ever closer I'm really looking forward to catching up with old friends and new friends that I haven't met yet.

Keep the SharePoint spirit alive, see you tomorrow!