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New Guest Series on Alternative Governance Waves

While I was at the fantastic SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2015 in London this year, organised by Combined Knowledge, where I was speaking about 'The Information Governance Mismatch', I spoke to loads of awesome SharePoint experts and users.

One thing that became very apparent to me during those discussions, was that although I have a very clear view and perspective of Information Governance (as I lay out in the SharePoint Governance Manifesto), lots of other people come at the subject from a different perspective but one that does still align with the 7 waves of SharePoint Governance that I describe in my book:

  • Information Governance
  • Kaizen
  • IT Assurance
  • Project Governance
  • Business Alignment
  • Social Business
  • Change Management and User Adoption.

So I thought it would be interesting to develop a guest post series of alternative views of the 7 Waves of SharePoint Governance.

I'll release new posts from established SharePoint Awesomeness here on the blog that align to the 7 waves.

So I need you guys to get in touch and write me a blog post on one of the waves that you feel you can align to. 

First up, in a couple of days time will be my good buddy Hugh Wood who is creating an informative post on Information Security and Code Governance that aligns nicely with the IT Assurance Wave (and wanders a little into Information Governance).

Come and join him, the waters lovely!