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SharePoint (what's the point?) Saturday Leicester

Is the SharePoint \ Office365 Business track really dead?

It’s been a long long while since I posted a blog here on my website or attended a Microsoft Community event (or any other tech event), perhaps too long perhaps not long enough.

I made the decision to attend SharePoint Saturday Leicester this weekend, mainly because I wanted to catch-up with a few folks I know will be there, but also because I feel I need to get back “in the game” and widen the reach of my consultancy services. In the words of Andrew Woodward, I’m getting a “little pickled”.

Historically, when attending or speaking at this kind of event I’ve always gone down the “Business” track, it’s my passion to talk to end-users, execs and everyone in-between about technology, what their vision is, how to get proper requirements, governance and change management and user adoption, all business and people centric areas…

There used to be a core of consultants that, whatever their day-job, would focus on “the business” at these events, it was important and community events were a great vehicle for spreading the gospel that the technology didn’t matter, it was the people and the organisation that did…

But it seems like when I left, they all drifted away! Looking at the agenda there’s maybe 1 session that is actually business\end-user focused (Hurray!)…. There’s lots of sessions tagged (as a secondary tag) as “for the business” but basically the Business Track is all but dead…

This is a shame, looking at the speakers there’s plenty of them that I know can talk to a business audience, looking at the sessions there’s plenty of them that could take a more business focused angle.

Let’s face it, the business track looks like it’s dying and although conference organisers seem to be keeping it resuscitated, they need to either embrace it properly or kill it humanely.

I hope I’m wrong, I’ll attend some of the business track sessions and I hope that they are business focused, but conditional access, Power Apps, AIP and Cloud-First don’t offer much evidence that I will be wrong.

But, there is a bright side, a sponsor focused solely on Adoption and Change…!

You can bet if I’ll be anywhere on Saturday it will be talking with 365Tribe Ltd about there services (some of which I’m hoping to strat delivering with them soon) and you should too.

So my first post in an absolute age and I’m being negative, I’m sorry, but it scares me that for such a great community, with such a breadth of talent and character that there’s no-one submitting sessions about:

  • Vision and Strategy

  • Requirements gathering, facilitation, business value

  • Governance

  • End User Adoption \ Change Management

The question I guess I need to ask myself is whether this gap is because no-one gives a crap about those topics, or that everyone is in desperate need of content, ideas and thoughts on these (to me) very important subjects?

What do you think?