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Change Management & Adoption

Technology is easy, driving value and adoption through your organisation with SharePoint is really hard!

SharePoint projects are People projects...

Unfortunately a lot of organisations and consultants see SharePoint as a technology - Plan, Develop, Test and Deliver and there is an assumption that the business users will use the solution and get value from it; the reality as we have all witnessed, is far from this.

What's missing is On-going SharePoint Change Management. You don't find this stuff in training, branded mugs or exec emails, it's much more than that.

We offer the following SharePoint Change Management and Adoption services:


  • 1 Day Change Management and Adoption Education Workshop (£800)
  • 2 Day Change Management Action Plan (£1,600)
  • 3 Day Change Management Master Plan (£2,400)
  • Project Based Centre of Excellence (C of E) Setup (£800 / day)
  • On-going Change Management Advisory Role (£1,600 / month).

Other bespoke Change Management and User Adoption services are available, just get in touch and let's discuss your needs.