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Bespoke upcycled Spinnaker Sailcloth

Sails & Stories

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Born out of a passion for sailing and the stories told at the bar, our hand-crafted upcycled spinnaker sailcloth accessories are tailored to immortalise those memories and steer you on great adventures.

Our range currently includes:

  • Pocket Squares
  • Napkins
  • Scarves (Coming soon)

We only use old sails, mainly spinnakers (it's the sailing equivalent to silk!). These are sails that have been exposed to the elements, blown by the wind, sailed hard, raced hard, cruised into the sunset, battled winter storms and drifted on the summer breeze.

Each collection is a limited edition of unique, individual pieces created from one sail, embodying the spirit of the wind and each telling their own sailing story.

"1st Hoist" Collection

The  "1st Hoist" Collection, takes us on our maiden voyage bringing spinnaker sailcloth accessories to you all and just like the first time you pop up your spinnaker, we are really excited to see these hoisted into your jacket pockets and adorning your table!

The spinnaker cloth is from an RS400, a fantastic 2-person hiking asymmetric dinghy. We don't know much more about this lovely spinnaker, it was made by Hyde Sails and has seen been exposed to all that RS400 sailing and the Solent have to offer.

The spinnaker cloth has aged to a lovely off-white with red and blue edging. There was some rust and scuff marks and the poor thing had a nasty rip one one of the central panels.

Having blasted across the Solent on the south coast of England for many years, this sailcloth has softened beautifully to make a wonderfully tactile and flowing accessories that hold their shape well for you to enjoy for many years.

This collection will contain a limited edition run of approximately 75 pocket squares, including but not limited to: 

  • White sailcloth with a Neutral White rolled hem trim
  • White sailcloth with a Deep Blue rolled hem trim
  • White sailcloth with an Sunset Orange rolled hem trim
  • White sailcloth with Logo Pattern in Blues and a Deep Blue rolled hem trim
  • White sailcloth with Logo Pattern in Reds\Oranges and a Sunset Orange rolled hem trim.

Some accessories are crafted from cloth taken from the luff, leach, clew, sailmakers logo, repairs and other interesting and more unique areas of the original spinnaker.


"Red Sky In the morning" COLLECTION